Generation Wealth 2018

Over the past 25 years, Lauren Greenfield's documentary photography and film projects have explored youth culture, gender, body image, and affluence. In this fascinating meld of career retrospective and film essay, Greenfield offers a meditation on her extensive body of work, structuring it through the lens of materialism and its increasing sway on culture and society in America and throughout the world. Underscoring the ever-increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots, her portraits reveal a focus on cultivating image over substance, where subjects unable to attain actual wealth instead settle for its trappings, no matter their ability to pay for it.

Land of Wealth

Land of Wealth is a TVB costume drama series broadcast in September 2006.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise was a pioneering lifestyle television program shown in Australia. It was shown on Network Ten and was seen from 1991 until 1998. The programme also helped re-invent the then-ailing network after its financial collapse of the late 1980s. It helped popularise the lifestyle genre in Australia and it also spawned a number of imitators during the 1990s including the Seven Network's Better Homes and Gardens, which is still seen today. The show was created and produced by Executive Producer Gavan Disney, once the producer of the Nine Network's long-running variety show Hey Hey it's Saturday and packaged by Disney Entertainment P/L for the Ten Network and its affiliates throughout the world. The title takes takes its name from the proverb, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." This quote is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin since it appeared in his Poor Richard's Almanack; however, it was first used in print by John Clarke in a 1639 book of English and Latin proverbs.

Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser?

Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser? is a Canadian public affairs television miniseries on health care which aired on CBC Television in 1965.

The Great Merchant 2010

This drama is based on a real life figure Kim Man-deuk who was living in Jeju Island. She goes through a lot of changes in her life; at first she becomes a Gisaeng but turned herself into a merchant, and then becomes one of the biggest philanthropists in Joseon Dynasty. Man-deuk gets adopted by Granny at a young age. With great efforts, she becomes a Gisaeng who has outstanding talents in various areas. However, she gives up everything and runs away with her lover Jeong Hong-soo. She gets caught and sends to the transitory wards for epidemics for one year. When she came out from the wards, she starts to take care of the Gisaengs who are suffering from illness. Man-deuk goes into a business and restores the business ethics in Jeju. Meanwhile, Moon-sun, who used to be a friend of Man-deuk, feels a sense of inferiority and competes with Man-deuk’s business.

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