Miss and the Doctors 2013

Two sibling doctors take on a young diabetic patient and both fall for the girl’s lovely mother, who tends bar at a local watering hole, testing their fraternal bonds and professional relationship.

Langue sacrée, langue parlée

The film, the second in a trilogy, containing "Misafa Lesafa" (2004) and "Traduire" (2011), deals with what became of Hebrew, the sacred language of the Jews for two millennia, that became a living language on the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. The film continues the reflection begun in the director's previous film, Misafa Lesafa (2004), which films writers and artists recounting the conflicting relationship that they themselves experienced between their parents' language and the Hebrew language.

Butterfly 1999

The film centres on Moncho and his coming-of-age experience in Galicia in 1936. Moncho develops a close relationship with his teacher Don Gregorio who introduces the boy to different things in the world. While the story centres on Moncho's ordinary coming-of-age experiences, tensions related to the looming Spanish Civil War periodically interrupt Moncho's personal growth and daily life.

The Language of Love 2013

In the middle of a French exam, 17 year old Charlie struggles to find the words to be true to himself…and his best friend.

The River Under the Tongue 2015

After discovering her eldest daughter’s diary, a mother decides to take her two daughters into the forest.